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Mouse Sprout Max Fiddler claimed he was framed for a robbery that never happened.
Max says he was just playing his violin in an old alleyway for a music video with his friends Igor and Stan, (alias BC), when they were arrested. “We were just trying to promote our new Hard Cheese Band album,” Max explained.
The incident was caught on film by a security camera. Their acting was so convincing authorities thought the attempted robbery was real.
After the mouse sprouts were released, the footage of ‘The Crooked Caper’, went straight to YouTube where it has been viewed by over 100 people.
Since the incident happened, the three mouse sprouts have been treated like minor celebrities. Stan has toured London, Scotland and Italy and Igor is about to leave for China.
Max is planning to busk around Ireland with his famous fiddle and is hoping to see a gig by his favourite band – The Frames.