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About the author

Heather Anthony lives in a small country town in Victoria, Australia with her artist husband and a sock stealing Beagle called Tina.

Heather taught in a wide range of Primary schools for 34 years as a generalist teacher and art teacher.

She has a passion for literacy and spent many years working with struggling readers.

The models for the book took almost a year to complete and are made from mostly recycled and donated materials.

Before Heather retired from teaching, she told her grade one students she wanted to be an author when she grows up.

They believed her.

Mouse Sprouts – A Tale about Being Different is her first book.


The models were beautifully photographed by Lawrence Winder – photographer and sculptor.

Mouse Sprouts – A Tale about Being Different

Albert and Daphne’s brothers and sisters had grand dreams of fame and fortune.

Working out what you want to be when you grow up can be hard, especially when you feel different from everyone else.  Sometimes, you need to know what you don’t want to be, before you discover who you are meant to be.

Virtual Tour

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The Crooked Caper

BC’s Holiday Adventure

Max’s Ireland Adventure

The Ratty Times

Mouse Sprout Framed

Mouse Sprout Framed

Mouse Sprout Max Fiddler claimed he was framed for a robbery that never happened. Max says he was just playing his violin in an old alleyway for a music video with his friends Igor and Stan, (alias BC), when they were arrested. “We were just trying to promote our new...

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Tai Chi Crim Goes To China

Tai Chi Crim Goes To China

Igor Trip-a-lot, a reformed criminal has found a passion for Tai Chi and is headed to China with Patrick his Tai Chi instructor. Patrick says the young mouse sprout has great potential. The Tai Chi instructor is touring China in September. He offered to take Igor with...

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Heather Anthony